Tub Kaek Beach

Tub Kaek Beach

Tub Kaek Beach in the north of Krabi is a quiet, hideaway beach, one of a few here. It is a 20 minute drive through rubber plantations from the hub of Ao Nang Beach. This sliver of beautiful coral sand sits tight between the ocean and a steep mountainside clothed in some of the thickest natural rainforest left in the province. Beautiful old trees stretch out over the beach sands, providing such ideal, deep shade that the 5 hotels here need few beach umbrellas. And the offshore scenery here is dramatic also –the horizon is punctuated by unusual shaped, mountain-islands protruding from the sea.

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Tub Kaek Beach has fine, white sand with a very flat incline to the clear water that generally washes along this shore through the high season. The near-flat sand leaves the water relatively shallow – good for swimming at high tide, but not possible at low when a wide expanse of sand is exposed. The entire coast along this part of Phang Nga Bay is relatively shallow, and there are no good spots for snorkeling or diving. One has to go to the islands further south, and closer to the open ocean for that.

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The top of the beach is clothed in a mass of green, where the natural forest tumbles right off the hillside and over the sand. It provides lots of deep shade, and the resorts thus need few beach umbrellas, helping to further preserve the natural look of the beach. All hotels here have beautiful beachfronts, dominated by old trees that throw deep shade over restaurants, massage beds and recreational areas. Guests are seen relaxing here on beach lounges and cushions reading books.

Tub kaek beach krabi thailand

From a boat, the resorts are hardly visible among the trees, leaving Tub Kaek Beach’s overall environment natural and tranquil.

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DISTANCE – 21 km Away from Ao Nang


You can get here by scooter