Khao Phanombencha National Park

Khao Phanombencha National Park

Blessed with untouched, lush forests, mountain ranges, Krabi’s only National Park, the 31,325-rai of far-reached Khao Phanom Pencha National Park, covers parts of the municipality, AoLuek and KhaoPhanom districts. It is also Krabi’s highest altitude at 1,397 meters above the sea level, home to natural wonders like waterfalls, streams and caves, making it’s a perfect habitat for wild animals from Asian tapirs, Sumatran serows, Asiatic black bear and fishing cat to over 218 bird species such as eagles, hornbills and woodpeckers.

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Waterfalls are among the must-see attractions here, with highlights are Huay To and Huay Sad waterfalls. HuayTo Waterfall, which is originated from PhanomBencha Mountain, featuring 5 cascades, each of which has its own name: Wang Sam Hap, Wang Chong Loi, Wang Doi Prong, Wang Thewada and Wang Ton Phrio, respectively.

Khao Phanombencha National Park Krabi

Huay To flows into KrabiYai Canal in Krabi’s provincial town. Next stop is Huay Sade Waterfall which is only 300 meters away from the park’s office. Slightly smaller, Huay Sade owns 3 cascades of crystal clear pool of refreshing water that eventually flows into Ton Canal and KrabiYai Canal.

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Both waterfalls offer adventurous trekking trails, which can span from two to three nights (camping involved) passing through different stops in the lush, tropical forest where you’ll enjoy panoramic sceneries.

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The weather is comfortable and cool all year round, however, it’s best to get the needed information ahead of your travel. Rental tent for 2-8 people is offered at 150-600 THB per night and it is 30 THB per tent per night if bring your own tents. Kindly contact the National Park’s office for more information.

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Opening hours: Daily 8am-6pm

DISTANCE – 34 km Away from Ao Nang


You can get here by scooter