Route No.1 - Krabi Nature

It’s a medium-distance route that covers Krabi’s picturesque sceneries. You will be able to see a large lake in the Nong Thale village, an ancient Buddhist shrine in the cave, a small emerald pool in the jungle, crystal water streams, reclining Buddha statue and a gorgeous nature park in the mangrove forest.
Distance ~ 80 km
Travel Time ~ 4 hours
You will see:
Nong Thale lake is only about 10-15 min ride away from Ao Nang. It’s a very quiet secluded place. You can hire a kayak to explore the lake for as few as 350 THB, feed fish they breed there (20 THB), or just appreciate the silence and typically amazing limestone views.
It’s actually a small Buddhist shrine rather than a temple, situated at the base of the karst cave in the jungle. Nearby, there’s a crystal lake that can lead you to the depths of underwater caves. This place is very peaceful and quiet. It is very unlikely that you’ll encounter anyone else there.
Tham Sra Kaeo is a small emerald lake situated in a quiet secluded place in the jungle. Hidden in the shade of climbing vine thickset, this spot is perfect for a tired traveller to have some rest and hide away from the tropical sun.
Klong Sa Kaew stream flows within the jungle thickset. Its cool crystal waters offer a refreshing swim (50 THB to hire a swimming ring), while the twisting channel promises an exciting exloration tour (350 THB to hire a kayak) in the dense shade under the jungle thick trees and climbing vines.
Reclining Buddha that glows in the sun against limestone karst cliffs covered in beautiful green vegetation is the embodiment of the very central idea of Buddhism – serene, mindful, and unhasting contemplation. Opposite to the reclining Buddha statue is an old Buddhist temple. You just have to set out time to visit this place. It fills you with tranquility and energy.
Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam Park affords a wonderful opprtunity to appreciate the tranquility of bird singing and the genuine beauty of magrove forest whose wicked roots frame the banks of the crystal refreshing stream, the waters of which, here and there, fall down off the numerous small rifts thus making miniature waterfalls. The entry fee is as low as 60 THB. At the entry, there’s a food court that offers Thai food and beverages.