Pai Plong Beach

Pai Plong Beach

Until about 2005 the Phai Plong Beach was just a small, deserted beach, located between Ao Nang and Tonsai and Railay Beach.

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To get there you had to either swim around the rocks at the end of Ao Nang, or you had to rent a boat to bing you there.

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An access road or a walkway did not exist. The beach is beautifully located, surrounded on three sides by tall limestone cliffs overlooking Ao Nang Tower and the offshore islands.

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2005 however, this idyll was over, when a luxury Beach Resort was built at the beach and into the slope.

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Since then, visitors from Ao Nang, can use an adventurous trail behind the Last Cafe, to visit the beach on foot.

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People from outside are not allowed to enter the resort area but like all beaches in Thailand, the beach area is owned by the state and must be made accessible to the public.

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DISTANCE – 0.5 km Away from Ao Nang


You can get here by scooter