Krabi Attractions

Krabi attractions guarantee unforgettable experience. To your attention is brief information, with location links, on Krabi’s best beaches, unique Buddhist temples, heavenly beautiful islands, and enjoyable activities.
Monkey Trail ao nang krabi thailand
Offshore of the Krabi coastline, one can explore Thailand’s most breathtakingly beautiful islands, such as James Bond island as well as Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh famous for having been the shooting site for The Beach movie with Leonardo DiCaprio starring in.
The province of Krabi features a huge variety of unique Buddhist and Chinese temples where visitors can feel the special vibes and get familiar with the religious and cultural traditions of native Thais. Our website offers detailed descriptions of the most beautiful and often visited holy shrines with location links.
Apart from its island beaches, the province of Krabi has some stunningly beautiful mainland beaches that can surprise travellers with breathtaking sights, emerald water, white sand, colorful fish flocks, and the variety of water sport and activity options available.
Unparalleled national parks with powerful waterfalls and sheer cliff views contribute to the province of Krabi being one of the top 3 Thailand’s destinations. Travellers will admire the beauty of emerald and crystal ponds and mysterious mangrove forests. One can cool down in crystal clear streams, soak and relax in hot springs, or bathe in waterfalls.
Kayaking is one of the most fascinating adventures in Krabi. If lazing on the beach is not your concept of a good vacation, get in a kayak and explore numerous lakes, follow mangrove forest trails, or sail along green cliffs reaching high above the sea surface.
The province of Krabi has been blessed to have loads of crystal clear lakes and streams. On a hot sunny day, when the ocean heats up to as much as 30°С, the streams always stay cool and refreshing. Admire the beautiful expanse and tranquility of lakes, especially during sunrise or sunset hours. The lakeshore gives an unparalleled feeling of peace of mind, tranquility, and unity with nature.
For those who prefer to pack light, Thailand is the right choice. Anywhere in the province of Krabi, travellers will find numerous local markets offering tropical fruits and fresh seafood as well as grocery stores, including large supermarkets such as BigC and Tesco Lotus where, on top of food products, one can buy cosmetics and clothes. Multiple convenience stores (7/11 or Family Mart) are literally on each corner and have everything a traveller may urgently need. Night markets widely known as the so called Walking Streets can be found in any town or village of the Krabi province. If you want to try Thailand’s famous street food and buy souvenirs, go straight to the night market.